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Master's Program Introduction  Master's Course Introduction

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Whether you are a graduate who wants to work in the global hospitality and tourism-related industry, or a professional who wants to gain promotion or transformational development, you can enhance your corporate leadership skills through the one-year master's program, accumulate work experience in different countries, improve your chances of being hired or promoted, and enhance your competitiveness in international employment。After graduation, you can work in hotel, tourism, aviation, luxury goods, banking, exhibition, banquet, foreign trade, education and training and other industries。

SHMS Swiss Hotel Management University:

  • One year Master of Arts in International Hospitality Business Management (MA)
  • One year Master of Science in International Hospitality Management (MSc)
  • Online Employment Management Master program

CRCS Caesar Ritz University of Hotel Management:

  • One-year master's program

HIM Hotel Business Administration University Montreux, Switzerland:


  • One year Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Management

CAAS Swiss University of Gastronomic Arts Management


  • One-year master's program

Entry requirements for one-year master's degree

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • The average score of undergraduate school is more than 70%
  • 雅思6.0 or above or equivalent English level
  • If you are not a fresh graduate, you need to provide other school or work certificates after graduation
  • Note: All dual degree programs require an IELTS score of 6 or above。Some courses will require a bachelor's degree in a relevant field or work experience in a relevant industry。If the IELTS score does not meet the requirements, you will need to enroll in a language class for 1-3 months。


Charging standard

The annual cost is around CHF 40,000


It includes accommodation, meals, teaching materials and medical insurance, and there is an exclusive scholarship program for students to apply every year。
An international paid internship covering 4-6 months per year, such as an internship in Switzerland, with a minimum salary of CHF 2,212 per month。


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