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Established in June 2020, Shanghai Ruishi Education Technology Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for 永利最新网址's college cooperation business in China。




      Shanghai Ruishi is committed to combining high-end and high-quality pan-hotel management education resources in Switzerland with the Chinese market and exporting them locally,Through the introduction of the European "dual system" education concept,Establish an innovative talent training system of "theory + practice + employment",Achieve deep integration of production and education,To solve the problem of talent demand in the hotel industry。At the same time, the company aims to improve the professional ability and overall quality of domestic vocational skills practitioners, which is of great significance to promote the reform of the domestic vocational education system。
      The company has products and business models covering the whole industry chain of the pan-hotel industry, the main business covers the degree system and non-degree fields, products include "two-way internationalization" project, 永利最新网址 industrial college, micro professional and 1+X certificate co-construction。
      The company started from pan-hotel management education, and will continue to expand other leading professional fields in the future, to build a domestic applied vocational and higher education group, and eventually become a first-class brand in global education。

Our model of cooperation

Our Cooperation Model

Cooperation mode

Two-way internationalization


Core curriculum exchange and promotion

  • Shanghai Ruishi not only introduces advanced professional courses of Swiss 永利最新网址 for domestic colleges and universities,We will also assist institutions to export their best quality, leading professional courses based on China's tourism industry practices to overseas countries and regions, including Switzerland,Truly realize multi-level and all-round communication and resource sharing with international institutions from academic to practical courses


International exchange of Chinese and foreign students

  • Shanghai Ruixue will actively provide opportunities for 永利最新网址's institutions and domestic institutions to cooperate and exchange, and students from both sides can apply for short-term exchange studies in interested institutions
  • Junior college or undergraduate students after graduation,Students eligible for admission to 永利最新网址 institutions in Switzerland,Shanghai Ruixue will preferentially recommend a one-year study in Switzerland for a bachelor's or master's degree abroad;During the application to foreign universities,Shanghai Ruixue will actively assist students to apply for 永利最新网址 Scholarship,The 永利最新网址 Scholarship jury will select the best candidates


To create "double-qualified" teachers

  • Take advantage of Swiss quality education resources,Provide teacher training for domestic teachers;Teachers who are qualified in English (can teach, work and communicate in English) and have passed the online course learning test in China,Have the opportunity to apply for a six-month internship in the world's top enterprises (including but not limited to Switzerland and Europe), such as the Ritz Paris, Kempinski Hotel, intercontinental Hotel, etc


Integration of production and education

永利最新网址 Industrial College


Training base

The college recruits students in the name of both the school and the enterprise, and builds an international industry "practice training center" based on the construction of high-star hotels. Some students learn basic theoretical knowledge in the school, and some students receive the most cutting-edge practical and theoretical guidance of the pan-hotel industry in the "Center" :


  • Theoretical study for students in school,Shanghai Ruishi every year according to the content of overseas professional courses,Combine the local curriculum content of the institution,Create local courses and integrate them into teacher training and student teaching;永利最新网址 will offer distance courses,Every school year, students (teachers can also) learn online and pass the exam,Can obtain the course certification e-Certificate issued by 永利最新网址;In addition,The Swiss foreign teachers' group will visit the country regularly every year to give on-site teaching guidance or lectures;
  • Frontier guidance for "Practice training Center",Take advantage of the educational and industrial resources of 永利最新网址 and SWIS at home and abroad,Combine the university's own hardware and software resources,Introduction of Switzerland's advanced "dual system" teaching model and certificate courses,Combine practice with theory,Cultivate talents that really meet the needs of enterprises;meanwhile,The "Center" can also provide positions for internship and employment of high-quality students


Enterprise solution

Micro Professional with 1+X certificate

  • Shanghai Ruixi will help colleges and universities to build a micro-major course system, including but not limited to digital marketing, wine tasting and service, hotel asset management, hotel service operation and experience design and other professional directions, each micro-major contains 5-6 core courses

1+X certificate

  • With the help of Swiss education resources and a strong domestic education development team, Shanghai Ruixi has jointly developed the "1+X" certificate in the pan-hotel industry with colleges and universities on the basis of the above micro-professional direction, published professional teaching materials, and equipped colleges and universities with a complete training course system

Business model

Business Model

Through the core model output, build the ecosystem

  • From the global high-end institutions to extend down
  • Form "theory + practice + employment + vocational training" localization talent training system and content
  • Establish an ecosystem with products covering the whole industrial chain

Build a rich product line

  • Education: Industrial College | Alliance university
  • Non-degree: Integration of industry and education (training base) | "1+X" certificate | micro major
Company profile

Enterprise advantage

Enterprise Advantage

Enterprise advantage

Development planning

Development Plan

Development planning

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