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Undergraduate course introduction  Undergraduate Course Introduction

>> Combining theory with practice, cultivating education model to cultivate all-round talents

永利最新网址's four schools offer three-year undergraduate courses taught in English and in small classes。The courses include professional theoretical study on campus, simulation of hotel campus practice, theme banquets, off-campus industry visits, and paid internships around the world, focusing on the combination of theory and practice, and cultivating comprehensive international management talents with all-round development through the mode of education。

The first and second years of undergraduate study are six months of on-campus theory and six months of paid internship around the world,Mainly study the management knowledge and skills of various operating departments of hotel and related industries,Train students' business thinking,The third year is a full-year corporate and project management enhancement course,Expand students' ability in many aspects, To prepare them for the workplace of the future。

>> Multiple professional direction selection

SHMS Swiss Hotel Management University:

  • Money management
  • Project management
  • International hospitality and design management

CRCS Caesar Ritz University of Hotel Management:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • 金融

HIM Hotel Business Administration University Montreux, Switzerland:

  • Financial analysis and financial management
  • Human capital and development
  • Luxury brand management
  • High-end elderly care industry management
  • Franchise management

CAAS Swiss University of Gastronomic Arts Management:

  • Western food and snacks
  • Dessert and chocolate
  • Vegetarian cuisine

>> Comprehensively improve comprehensive capabilities

Comprehensively improve comprehensive capabilities

Learn professional theoretical knowledge

The course is based on hotel management, learning financial analysis, brand marketing, human resources, personal leadership and other multi-dimensional business knowledge, training students' market sense, let students play their strengths。


Improve foreign language skills and communication skills

The combination of English teaching and second foreign language learning can comprehensively improve students' multilingual expression ability;In study and life, I get along with students of different grades and nationalities, and enhance students' interpersonal communication and teamwork skills。


Exquisite workmanship all the way high quality

Students are required to take paid internships around the world to cultivate their ability to handle affairs independently, expand their international perspective, and enhance their future employment competitiveness。


Master a global network of contacts

The 永利最新网址 alumni network spans the globe, with alumni associations in more than 30 countries hosting regular events to enhance networking across industries。


Undergraduate entry requirements

  1. At least 17 years old
  2. High school diploma or equivalent
  3. The average score of high school is over 70%
  4. 雅思 5.At least 5 points or equivalent English proficiency
  5. If you are not a fresh graduate, you need to provide other school or work certificates after graduation
  6. Note: If the IELTS score does not meet the requirements, you will need to enroll in a language class for 1 to 3 months。


Charging standard

Three years will cost around CHF 140,000

注:1. It includes accommodation, catering, teaching materials and medical insurance, and has an exclusive scholarship program for students to apply every year。
2. An international paid internship covering 4-6 months per year, such as an internship in Switzerland, with a minimum salary of CHF 2,212 per month

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